Cormorant Wood Unsung

Andrew Gray



Cormorant Wood Unsung, a Sci-Fi Novel by Andrew Gray

Andrew Gray is a man with a wide experience of life.

From battling Nature in some of the wildest weather the sea could throw at him to working at postgraduate level in one of Britain's oldest and most respected universities, he brings a wealth of personal experience to his writing.

From a near-fatal incursion into a minefield in Belgium to a close shave with flying, heavy machinery on an offshore oil-rig in the North Sea, he has stared death in the face.

Perhaps it was his uncle, a former RAF bomber pilot in the Second World War telling him of spotting a UFO which attracted him to the idea of space travel. Maybe it was growing up in the era of early space exploration.

Either way, he is described as "someone to watch" for this excursion into the mid-twenty-first century.

Andrew has also represented his country in sport and is an experienced international business consultant.

Cormorant Wood Unsung
A Sci-Fi Novel by Andrew Gray
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Cormorant Wood Unsung
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