Cormorant Wood Unsung

Andrew Gray

Buy 'Cormorant Wood Unsung', a Sci-Fi Novel by Andrew Gray

Mitch Strang is blissfully unaware of the desperate danger he and his three companions are letting themselves in for.

In this, the first of the 'Cormorant Wood' books, a plot to take control of the Solar System is unwittingly revealed by chance.

While Earth slumbers and her governments' attentions are focussed on terra firma, in Space, a great danger lurks.

It is a chance event that impels the action; the discovery of a murder.

Behind this cold-blooded act of violence is a force that threatens to challenge the might of the US armed forces in Space.

A fast-paced, highly-readable venture into the future nearly half a century from now, 'Cormorant Wood Unsung' has been widely praised for its exciting twists and turns and the unfolding of two tales in one book.

Price: $ 9.95 including packing + postage

Cormorant Wood Unsung
A Sci-Fi Novel by Andrew Gray
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Cormorant Wood Unsung
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